Which online news sites have been hacked?

Online news sites in India are not safe from hackers.A recent spate of hacks that targeted the Hindustan Times (HT) website, the Hindutva newspaper owned by Hindustani news portal The Hindu, and HindustANews, a news site run by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), resulted in major damage to the website.A number of other websites, including


Reveal: How the FBI obtained and sold the identities of thousands of Australians’ financial details

Posted September 08, 2020 17:01:38A group of computer scientists has revealed that the FBI secretly obtained and shared the identities and financial details of millions of Australians who used online gambling sites, with the FBI even giving the online casino operators the names of the Australian residents.The revelations are contained in a confidential document obtained


Cryptocurrency prices surged on news that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will attend a conference in Mumbai on Monday

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