What is Kaniva? – Kaniva – YouTube channel

Kaniva is a video news network that is built around YouTube.They are very popular with news enthusiasts.Kaniva’s YouTube channel has over 20 million subscribers.Kanava is owned by YouTube and is one of the most popular channels on YouTube.The Kaniva channel has an impressive selection of news stories and videos.The most popular video news stories are


How to protect yourself online from trolls: the experts

There’s a new generation of online trolls.They’ve taken the Internet and turned it into a playground.They’re getting paid to spew venom, and they have a penchant for attacking celebrities and politicians.The new generation is on a rampage.Some of them are getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to attack celebrities, politicians and other people on


Why the RTE Online website has been hacked

The RTE website has come under a cyberattack.The hackers reportedly gained access to RTE’s email servers and the RTHN’s email inboxes.The RTHn has since reported the attack to police and the Federal Police.The hack came to light on Tuesday.The email addresses of the RTR and RTHns were among the data they were hacked from.RTE has