MTV News’s Latest: “Black Lives Matter” Promotional Video Featuring Eminem Featuring Black Panther!

The new season of MTV’s “Black Lives Matter” is officially here!Featuring the music video for Eminem’s “I Don’t Wanna Be a Human Being,” the first installment of “Black History Month” comes out in full force.Watch it below!“Black lives matter” has been a popular topic on social media this year, with hashtags #blacklivesmatter, #blackhistorymonth and #blacklifematters.While


Which countries are the best at being self-employed?

New research has revealed which countries in the world are the most successful at becoming self-employment.As well as being the world’s most self-made countries, the United States, Australia and Canada are also the top three, according to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.It’s a strong sign that the US economy is finally starting