How to get your local news online in Delaware

By Mike Ritter | 02.07.18 08:56:23Local news is an essential part of our daily lives, and we’re looking to get more and more of our news on the web.We’re constantly looking for ways to increase the accessibility of the news, whether it’s through social media, news aggregators or the ability to download local newspapers for


How to make your next movie in 2019

If you’re looking for a new movie, or just want to get a few days of work done, then you might want to consider booking your first day at work on a Friday.The news site Deadline has posted a list of the top five cities where people can make their first day of work online


How did you get into the cruise industry?

Del.Mark G. Shurtleff Jr. (R-Loudoun) answered the door and told me that he was the person who started the business in 2012.He told me his wife is a licensed medical marijuana caregiver, and he’s been selling the medicine since he was a teenager.He says he made $100,000 last year selling the stuff for his patients.“We’ve