How to spot fake news on social media

It’s not a news story but it’s the buzzword for all the fake news stories that are making the rounds these days.There’s a whole new breed of online news sites trying to cash in on the frenzy, and with the proliferation of fake news, it’s a lucrative industry.“It’s really hard to track down all the


How to tell if you’re in a Bollywood film

India is the home of many of the world’s biggest and best Bollywood films, but it’s not without its fair share of controversy.This article examines what’s known about the film industry in India and why so many people believe Bollywood is in trouble.Bollywood has always been a global phenomenon, but its reach and impact has


How to make your next movie in 2019

If you’re looking for a new movie, or just want to get a few days of work done, then you might want to consider booking your first day at work on a Friday.The news site Deadline has posted a list of the top five cities where people can make their first day of work online