How did you become a math professor?


You want to become a teacher?

Then this is the place for you.

Math, math, math: that’s the theme at Georgetown University’s Maths department.

It is a place where math students learn and the math teachers teach.

It’s also a place for people of all genders and ages to gather to learn how to solve problems, and to explore what math has to offer in a new world. 

Math professor and former Georgetown University math teacher Evan Krasniewski.

(Evan and Laura Krasnicki/The Washington Post) Here are some highlights from the class of 2018: How do you go from working at the end of the day to working at night? 

What was it like to be a math teacher for the first time? 

How did you get your first math job? 

When you started, how did you meet and work with others in the department? 

Did you have any mentors? 

Were there any challenges? 

Are you a math nerd? 

Do you think math can help you learn more about your own personal life? 

You can join the Maths class to learn more.

How to get a job in the math department at Georgetown (updated May 18, 2019)

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