Why boxing should be banned in England


Boxing is now banned in the UK, but in recent years there has been a growing appetite for the sport to return home. 

Ahead of the Commonwealth Games, the Government announced it would allow the sport back for trials, but its only trial date has yet to be set. 

Boxing is now allowed in England, but not Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, as well as parts of Scotland and the Republic of Ireland.

The sport is currently banned in Northern Ireland due to the ongoing threat from the IRA.

“The UK is a country of big sports, and the UK has a very strong sporting tradition and it’s not easy to change that,” a spokesperson for the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBC) told the BBC. 

“The BABC is currently working closely with the UK Government to establish a trial date for trials of boxing in England.

We will make no further comment at this stage.”

The BMBC’s statement comes after the British Association of Boxing Commissions (BABC) said the British Government should be allowed to trial boxing for the first time in Scotland. 

The BBAC’s chairman and acting secretary, Chris Murray, said boxing would be an “important part of the Scottish community”.

“In Scotland, boxing has a strong heritage and a very rich cultural history, and we want to celebrate it in the same way we celebrate all other Scottish sports,” Murray told the Daily Record newspaper.

“We believe that this is an important step forward for Scottish boxing and it will provide a significant boost to the sport.” 

The Scottish government’s response was welcomed by boxing fans in the north of England, who have been waiting for years for a trial to return to Scotland.

Last month, Boxing Scotland announced it was preparing to start a trial of boxing at the new Scottish Stadium in Glasgow, which was built in partnership with Scottish Government-funded Sport Scotland.

The venue is set to open on December 31.

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