MMA fighter says he’ll take legal action against his former employer


A Brazilian MMA fighter is seeking to take legal proceedings against his current employer after it was revealed that he was being paid less than his female colleagues.

In March, Raul Mendes announced that he had been offered a five-figure salary by Team Alpha Male, but he decided to quit the team.

He said that while he felt a lot of loyalty to his former company, he had no intention of staying.

“I have been told that I will be offered a salary that will be the same as the female fighters in the team,” he wrote in a blog post.

“The reason is that I have not shown any signs of any interest in continuing my career in MMA.

I am not a fan of the sport, I do not feel good about myself or the team and I do want to leave.

It is a sad situation and it is time for me to leave the MMA community.”

Mendes quit his first two fights as a fighter in March and has not fought since.

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