Which online news sites have been hacked?


Online news sites in India are not safe from hackers.

A recent spate of hacks that targeted the Hindustan Times (HT) website, the Hindutva newspaper owned by Hindustani news portal The Hindu, and HindustANews, a news site run by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), resulted in major damage to the website.

A number of other websites, including the Times of India, the Daily Mail and The Hindu are among the others affected.

The HT website was hacked twice, in March and July, and the Daily News (DMN) was hacked in November.

The news site is a key platform for political discourse in India.

The hacked websites are likely to be used by those seeking to promote Hindutvarti and communal violence as a tool to promote their own agenda.

It is unclear what the motive is behind the hacking, but it is clear that HT and DMN are targets.

HT and the Hinduttva newspaper have been subject to a series of attacks and attempts to access their websites in recent months.

It has also been revealed that the DMN was hacked by a group calling itself the BJP Cyber Cell in January this year.

The BJP’s cyber cell is suspected of compromising HT’s website.

The Hindutvas have also been targeted by hackers and the media.

A cyberattack against the Bharatnet (BharatNet India) website in December also resulted in the destruction of some information about the group.

HT has reported that some of its reporters were hacked.

India’s largest online news portal news portal dna reported that hackers are targeting HT, DMN, NDTV and other online news websites in India and other parts of the world.

The cyberattacks come at a time when Indian politics is increasingly polarised between those who support Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government and those who question its handling of communal violence in the country.

The Hindu reported that the BJP’s Cyber Cell is believed to have been behind the recent attacks on Hindutvan.

The group’s stated mission is to undermine Hinduism and Hindu media.

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