Georgia to launch satellite-based broadband in 2016


Georgia is to launch its first satellite-like broadband network this year and is hoping to have it operational by the end of next year, the state government said on Thursday.

The government said the $100m investment was made by the private sector and will be used to build the network and build broadband infrastructure for the next few years.

The state government announced the investment as part of the National Broadband Plan for 2016-2020.

Georgia is one of six countries with satellite-connected networks, which are typically provided by the United States.

The country is the second-largest in the world behind Russia with more than 400,000 internet users.

Under the plan, Georgia will also begin to build broadband networks at a national level, with the aim of making them a “major telecommunications hub in the country’s future”.

Georgia’s National Broadbands Plan (NBP) is a strategic roadmap for the development of the country, with a goal of bringing broadband to all Georgians by 2025.

Last year, Georgia announced that it would invest $500m into a network of satellite-powered high-speed broadband.

Georgia has one of the lowest penetration rates of broadband in the African continent, according to a study by the University of Florida, and the National High-Speed Internet Plan was also announced in 2016 to provide a “world-class” network.

Georgia is not the only African country that is looking to improve connectivity.

South Africa and Mozambique are among the African countries which have launched their own national broadband networks.

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