Chile online: Chilean government releases more than $1 billion in bonds to help fund new oil projects


Chile Online – Chile Online is pleased to announce that the Chilean government has released a total of $1.2 billion in new bonds to fund new projects.

The bonds will help finance the construction of new pipelines, refineries and oil storage facilities in the province of Bajo del Norte, where a series of spills occurred this past winter.

The government has also released the bonds to support the construction and operation of new oil storage plants.

Chile Online, the news agency of Chile’s government, is pleased that the new bonds will go to the construction projects in Bajo Del Norte.

ChileOnline is a joint venture of Chile News Agency and the Chile Center for Investigative Journalism (CPI).

The Chilean government does not control Chile News and Chile Center, but Chile Online does., a subsidiary of Chile Center.

ChileNet, a joint effort of Chile Online and the Chilean Broadcasting System (CAS).

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