Suede to compete in Beijing’s first cycling race


Cycling fans around the world are excited for a new sport to be held at the Chinese capital, with the city set to host its first cyclo-cross event.

The new event is scheduled to start on October 16 and run through November 5.

Sudan’s first cyclocross event is due to take place on October 15.

The first race will take place at the Kunming International Circuit, a 2,200m track in Sichuan province, and the event is also expected to attract top riders from the United States, Europe and Asia.

The race, which has been held every three years since 2006, has seen a surge in popularity, with organisers expecting an attendance of 10,000 riders.

Sichu is the second city in China to host the event, following Kunming in Fujian province, where the event will be held on October 14.

The organisers have also set aside an area for fans to take part in the race.

Cricket is already in the spotlight in the southern province of Fujian.

Last year, Chinese state broadcaster CCTV reported on the race, describing it as a “race of destiny”, and the race’s organisers said that it would attract “many” of the country’s top athletes, including World Cup and Olympic champion, and Olympic gold medallist, Graeme Oborne.

It is not clear whether the race will be televised live or not.

The country’s official Xinhua News Agency quoted the organisers as saying: “We have decided to broadcast the race live online in order to ensure that it will reach the widest possible audience, which is mainly those who live in Kunming.” 

Crickets and the Olympics?

The race is being hosted by the Kunping Olympic Committee, which organises the international sporting event.

In February last year, the committee announced plans to hold a Chinese cyclo event in Beijing, after the race organisers failed to secure the necessary visas.

The Chinese city was chosen because it has a large number of ethnic Chinese residents, who are keen to get involved in the sport.

It also has a relatively stable economy and is a popular destination for foreigners looking to visit China.

The event is expected to be televised by CCTV and is expected have a total of 1,000 participants, with 2,000 spectators expected.

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