Which state has the best online medical coverage?


The online medical news source Medscape.com says California is the state with the best healthcare coverage online, with the top-ranked sites for online healthcare covering a variety of topics.

In the survey, Medscape ranked the top 10 states based on the number of articles per month about online health.

The top five states for health were California, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Florida.

Medscape says the top states for online health coverage were Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana and Mississippi.

The most popular state was North Carolina, with an average of 4,723 articles per day, followed by Washington, D.C., with 4,644.

The second-most popular state for online coverage was Tennessee, with 3,908 articles per week.

The third-most favored state was South Carolina, where 3,818 articles per weekday were published online.

The fourth-most favorite state was Texas, with 2,739 articles per hour.

The fifth-most-favored state was Louisiana, with 1,935 articles per minute.

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