When Trump says he won’t talk about his tax returns, he’s telling it like it is


The Hill article The White House says President Donald Trump has not said whether he will release his tax records, but he said Tuesday he would not do so during his visit to New York on Wednesday.

“I don’t think you need to make that comment, because I think everybody knows that I won’t make that statement,” Trump said at a campaign event.

During a question-and-answer session at a New York City fundraiser Tuesday night, Trump was asked about whether he would release his taxes.

“No, I won (presidential) election, I didn’t release my taxes, and I’ll tell you what, when I get home, I’ll look at it,” he said.

But when the crowd shouted, “Release your taxes!”

Trump answered, “No.

I won.

You know, that’s what I said.”

Trump was asked again about whether the White House would release its tax records.

“It’ll be coming out,” he replied.

Trump also said that he will “look at” releasing his taxes when he returns to New Jersey later this month.

He did not answer whether he planned to release any documents related to the tax overhaul, which he has promised to deliver to Congress before the end of the year.

Aides said Tuesday that the White, House and Capitol Police would review Trump’s request for a security detail for his trip to New Yorks to ensure he would comply with federal law.

After Trump left New York, he tweeted a picture of himself with a woman wearing a wig and carrying a basket of flowers.

The tweet was followed by another picture of him wearing a gold chain and carrying his signature “Make America Great Again” baseball cap.

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