Government to spend $40 million on new roads in Pangasinans’ southern region


PANGASINANS have been told they could be on the hook for $40m of public money to pave their own roads in a bid to keep a low crime rate.

Key points:The government is spending $40.8 million on roads in south-west Pangasino, including $40,000 to pave roads for residents who have not yet moved outThe Government is also spending $25 million on a new police station to help police enforce traffic lawsThe $40M is part of a plan to spend up to $120 million in the next five years on road and other infrastructure projects in Pungahlin.

Police say the new $40-million investment will help police control the illegal traffic that is increasingly a significant factor in the city.

“I think the best thing for the community is that we don’t have to pay a heavy toll to protect the community from the criminals,” Pangalang mayor Manuel Gualtieri said.

“We are working hard to ensure that the residents of Pungalang have a safety net.”

In terms of public safety, that’s something we will continue to work towards.”‘

Tougher’ enforcementThe police have a target of cutting crime by more than 30 per cent by 2020.

The Government will also spend $20 million to buy new patrol cars, which can spot vehicles at high speeds, and to upgrade their surveillance cameras to better detect cars.”

These cars are going to help us to keep up with the speed of the cars, as well as to keep the traffic down,” Mr Gualtopi said, adding that they will be equipped with laser rangefinders.”

What we are doing is trying to increase the number of people in the community who are able to be on top of the situation, and who are using the roadways,” he said.

The mayor said the community had been asked to be vigilant, but he said it was a “tough job” as it was “the only option”.

He said it would take at least two months to fully implement the $40 mongrel roads project, which will see more than $40 per person spend on a single road, with up to 20 vehicles per lane.

The Mayor said the plan was aimed at improving safety in the Pungasino area.”

It’s not just for the residents, it’s for everyone,” he told the ABC.”

The Panganese are very intelligent and the streets have been paved with a lot of love by the community.

“The Government says the roads will provide safer routes for drivers, with traffic lights and speed limits to be kept at the same level as on major roads.

The project will see a new Police Station built on the Pangakan street of Pangawan and will also include a new school, a new fire station and a new traffic control tower, which the Government says will improve safety for the public.

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