How to find out if you have a disease: ‘This is our country’


Latvia has one of the highest rates of malaria deaths in Europe and its government has said the spread of the disease has risen dramatically since the fall of communism.

But as the country continues to struggle with the disease, experts are struggling to determine whether the country has the right measures in place to combat the spread.

The news site Kalninskaya Pravda reported this week that a research group has concluded that the country’s health system is inadequate to combat malaria.

The group, which has conducted a series of workshops, released a report in which it said that there are no effective malaria vaccines in Latvia.

“There is no vaccine for malaria, and only a few pharmaceuticals are available,” the report reads.

“The results of these workshops and the scientific literature indicate that there is a high risk of infection due to malaria, especially in children.”

A spokesperson for Latvia’s Ministry of Health said it was not able to provide further information, as there was no news on the topic on the website.

However, the country also has an HIV vaccination programme, and there are plans to build a public health hospital.

Latvia’s health minister, Yury Vyshkis, said in a statement that the government was trying to ensure that Latvia has the most efficient systems of treatment, testing and diagnosis.

“Latvia has one, if not two, countries with the highest malaria prevalence,” he said.

“The first one is in Russia, where it has increased dramatically over the last two decades, and the second one is Ukraine, where malaria prevalence is higher.

Latvia’s public health system, with its high standards and effective programmes for prevention and treatment, should be the first to receive this high priority.”

The number of malaria cases in Latvia rose to 1,811 in 2016, compared to 4,935 in 2015.

But a government study published last year found that the increase was not caused by the spread in the country. 

The authors said that the spread was caused by a “change in the social, economic, social-cultural and educational climate” in Latvia, but the country did not consider that a cause.

Latvian health authorities said the increase in cases could be linked to the country taking the initiative to tackle the virus.

The country’s Prime Minister, Ivars Dzhalts, announced a new plan on Monday to tackle malaria, in which he said the country would spend 3.2 million euros ($3.7 million) to build new treatment units.

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