What happened to the good news and bad news of the day?


Now Playing: Here’s what you need to know about the Ebola pandemic Now Playing, the first responders who rushed to West Africa to help Now Playing President Trump addresses the nation about the deadly outbreak Now Playing ‘I can’t imagine life without Twitter’: Trump on social media Now Playing Here’s how you can fight the Ebola virus: Here are the most important tips Now Playing Trump takes the first step to end the Ebola epidemic Now Playing Is Trump making the right call to end U.S. military intervention in Africa?

Now Playing Why we shouldn’t be surprised about President Trump’s tweets: He says they’re ‘rhetoric’ Now Playing What Trump has been saying about Ebola Now Playing The best advice we can give the world about the world’s first Ebola outbreak Now Casting: Trump says the world needs to do more to combat Ebola Now Casting ‘The Walking Dead’ star Scott Grimes on how he copes with the outbreak Now Now Casting Is this the end of the Trump presidency?

Now Casting Here’s who we think is most likely to win the presidency: Now Casting Why are we so angry about the latest Trump tweet?

Now Cast: What’s happening in the world right now?

Now With The World’s Most Dangerous Women: Where women are at in our society Now Casting Who will win the White House?

Now The latest on the Ebola outbreak and President Trump: Now With Trump’s health concerns: Now It was the most dangerous day ever in this country Now Casting What’s the deal with the Ebola situation?

Now It’s not like the virus is out of control right now, the president said Now Casting Trump said, ‘I’ll be honest.

I don’t think we’re going to be able to keep this up forever.’

Now Casting President Trump says he’s been in the U.N. since the day the pandemic broke out Now Casting How the president’s tweet on the outbreak came about Now Casting The worst thing that can happen to the U-N could be Ebola Now In the latest episode of the #OpEdTV podcast, we look back at the first two weeks of the Ebola crisis, from the Ebola outbreaks in West Africa and in Washington, D.C. Now The world is in the midst of an epidemic and the Trump administration is trying to do everything it can to stop it Now Casting Does President Trump have the right to take action in the Ebola emergency?

Now In this latest episode, we examine the latest news on the epidemic and what is happening in America Now Casting Are we in the middle of a pandemic or are we already here?

Now This week, we’ve talked about the most frightening news of a lifetime.

Here are some of our most popular questions from the week.

What do you think of our list?

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