The New York Giants are going back to the beach for a week


New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith and his wife have just returned to the Bahamas after vacationing in Florida.

Here’s what you need to know about the NFL’s most interesting holiday destination.

source ESPN article Jets quarterback quarterback Genis Smith is spending a week on the island of St. Barts, where he’s spending the first weekend of December with his wife, actress/model Melissa McCarthy, and their four children.

They’re staying with a group of friends, but don’t expect to see Smith, who was recently named NFL MVP, in person.

Smith has been working with McCarthy for weeks and has been spending time with her at her home.

They’ve had a busy Christmas with Smith working with the local chapter of the American Red Cross and doing some charity work.

She told PEOPLE that the trip has been a blessing and a challenge, especially since her son has been diagnosed with autism.

“We have been really fortunate to have this wonderful time and to be able to be in Florida and spend Christmas with my son and with my family and just being able to hang out with my friends,” McCarthy said.

“It’s just so special and I think the people of St Barts are just so generous.

It’s just such a special place and so special people, so blessed to be here.”

She added that her son, now 8, “is a very big part of our life, which is so amazing.”

Smith and McCarthy are expecting their first child together, a daughter named Kourtney.

Sources: New York Daily News,New York Daily Sports,ESPN,NFL,NFL Live source The Wrap article New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is taking his family on a weeklong vacation in Florida to get away from New England’s New England Football Team.

The trip comes after the Patriots defeated the Houston Texans in Super Bowl LI to earn the franchise’s second Super Bowl title.

Brady and his family are staying in a home in Florida, which was chosen by the NFL because it was chosen because of its proximity to the New England coastline and proximity to some of the most beautiful areas of the Bahamas.

Brady said he was honored to be selected by the league because he loves it.

“I love Florida.

I love Florida so much,” Brady said.

He also added that he was not surprised to be picked for this year’s Super Bowl.

“They selected me for this [last] year because I love this place and I love being a part of this great league,” Brady told PEOPLE.

Brady has been out of the league for two years and his children, Brady Jr. and Jacob, are still under his care.

Brady’s wife, Jill, is also taking part in the trip.

“Jill and I are excited to be taking part and exploring the islands of St Bart’s, where our family will be visiting the Bahamas,” Brady’s daughter, Jaelene, said in a statement to PEOPLE.

“Our families and friends are already looking forward to seeing our family again and our first vacation together.”

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