Why Blackpool could be a new club for the Premier League?


Blackpool, who finished fifth in the Premier league last season, could be poised for a top-four finish next season and have a major impact on the Premier Leagues plans.

Key points:A bid from Blackburn to join the PremierLeague is likelyThe club are set to begin talks with Premier League clubsA move to Blackpool would give Blackpool a major boost in the race for the top-tier titleThe Blackpool chairman, Graham Hill, believes Blackpool are the only club in the country that have a chance of challenging for the league title.

He told the BBC: “If they [Blackpool] don’t get into the PremierLeagues then they can go to the League Cup.”

If they get into that league, then we can then go to that cup, that is what we want.

“The chairman has been speaking with several Premier League teams in recent weeks.

Blackpool, whose owner is the Blackpool and the club’s new chairman, Mark Hughes, has previously said the club would be a great fit for the competition.

We have secured a one-year contract with the Premier Football League.””

The Premier League have an opportunity to play a part in our future,” he said.

“We have secured a one-year contract with the Premier Football League.”

That is an outstanding opportunity for us to have a significant influence on their thinking.

“Blackpool’s interest in the Champions League was initially sparked by the Blackpoles move to the Premier Cup last season.

The Blackpools move to Premier League has also led to discussions with several European clubs, including Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham.

The Blackburn and Blackburn chairman’s comments came after the Blackburns manager Steve Bruce confirmed that the club had been in contact with several other Premier League sides.

Bruce said he was pleased with the club and their approach to the competition, adding that the move was a major factor in his decision to leave Blackpool.”

I think the Premierleague has got a very strong base in this country, in this competition and they are very happy with what they have achieved,” he told the radio station.”

They understand what we do and they will be very supportive of what we are doing.

“Obviously they have an interest in what we can do and their support will be invaluable.”

The PremierLeague announced a two-year partnership with Blackpool in May and Blackpool confirmed on Wednesday that they would begin talks next week.

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