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TALONTE, New Zealand — A New Zealand police officer is being investigated after being arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman on a flight from Taos, New Mexico.

Police were called to the Taos Airport after the woman reported a man who was acting aggressively on a plane and had taken off her pants, according to the New Zealand Herald.

The man reportedly punched her on the nose and she called police.

The man allegedly was later arrested in Taos and the woman was treated for facial injuries and treated at a local hospital.

Police say the woman called police on March 15 to report the alleged assault, but the woman has since released a statement saying she was not involved in the alleged incident.

She was told by officers that the man was on a business flight from New Mexico to Auckland, New York and had been asked to leave the plane for “unreasonable behaviour” and “failing to comply with his verbal commands.”

The woman has filed a complaint with the Auckland District Court against the man and is due to appear before a magistrate later this month.

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