How to read the NBA Playoffs odds


The NBA playoffs are in the books.

Now what?

What can you do to read them?

First off, you need to have a solid grasp of the league’s odds, which is why we’re using the term “seeded.”

Here are the current odds for the Eastern Conference, the West, and the top four seeds, with the West and top four seeded teams on the line.

If you’re not familiar with the process, you can read more about it here. 

The West, meanwhile, has a whopping 1,200-to-1 shot at making the playoffs, with two of the West’s three teams coming off a playoff loss.

The West’s playoff odds are now at 1,826-to, with three teams within striking distance of the conference crown: Golden State, Dallas, and Portland.

If either team has a chance at making it to the conference finals, they’ll face each other in a second round matchup on Monday.

If the Warriors are swept out of the playoffs by the Cavs, then it’s possible the West will go a total of two full seasons without a playoff win.

The Warriors are 2-0 in their last six games against teams that made the playoffs last season, but the Cavs are 4-1 and have a shot at taking home the West.

If the Cavs take the Warriors, it’s likely the East will be one of the three best teams in the league for the rest of the season.

The Western Conference is also full of exciting new teams that could make a big splash in the playoffs.

The Sacramento Kings, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Atlanta Hawks are the most recent additions to the Western Conference.

The Thunder and Hawks are both coming off playoff losses, so they’ll be the teams to watch on Monday night.

The Celtics, Pacers, and Pelicans are two of two teams that have a chance of making the Finals, while the Warriors could also face the Pelicans, Jazz, and Spurs.

If one of those three teams wins their division, they could make it to one of two other finals.

The Kings, Bulls, and Suns have the best odds of making it all the way to the NBA Finals, but it’s unclear how close they’ll end up.

There’s a lot of volatility in the East and West, with each team playing a lot more than others.

If there are two teams in each division who make it into the Finals but one makes the East, it’ll be a three-team race.

If neither team makes it to either division’s Finals, then that means one of these teams will finish with a winning record in the regular season. 

If the West is swept out by the Cavaliers, it means the East is the only division that’s really left in the conference, with four teams in danger of making either the East or the West finals.

Those four teams are the Rockets, Thunder, Celtics, and Lakers.

If both of those teams lose, it could be the best possible outcome for the East. 

With all of that uncertainty, here are the best ways to figure out how much your team is worth heading into the playoffs and how much it could cost you depending on how you view the league. 


Know the East vs. West odds.

This one’s easy.

If two teams are within striking range of each other, it would be pretty easy to figure them out.

It’s the same with the other playoff spots.

The odds of a team winning the East would be 1 in 4,000,000.

That’s the best bet for a team to make the playoffs at 1 in 9,800,000 odds.

That means the Cavaliers are likely worth $1.2 billion, while Miami, Atlanta, and San Antonio are all at $1 billion.

The Pacers are at $950 million, which would make them worth $3.5 billion. 


Know which team has the best chance of winning the West or East.

The easiest way to figure this out is to go back and look at the two teams with the best shot at going to the Finals.

The Cavaliers have a 99.9 percent chance of reaching the conference Finals, with a win over the Clippers in the first round of the East finals on Sunday night.

If Cleveland wins that game, it has a 9 percent chance at winning the conference.

The Heat have a 98.8 percent chance.

The Nets, Pacers and Hawks have a 90.8 and 90.5 percent chance, respectively. 


Know if the Heat will make the NBA playoffs.

If they make it out of their first round series against the Cavaliers and make it past the conference semifinals, the Heat would be worth $9.2 million.

The Clippers, Lakers, and Jazz have a combined $8.3 million worth of playoff odds, but they’re the only three teams who have a realistic chance at going all the Way. 


Know how the Heat and Cavs will be playing

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