What’s happening with Gambia’s presidential election?


The Gambia election was postponed for three days last week due to the Zika virus outbreak, but the postponement was lifted on Wednesday after a second postponement on Tuesday due to a delay in getting the vote counting machinery working properly.

The delay in counting the votes of the Gambia House of Representatives was due to concerns about the voting machines, but that was lifted at midday on Wednesday, according to the electoral commission.

The Gambia National Electoral Council said that on Tuesday it received the results of the elections for the Gambian House of Reps, but it could not provide any further information.

The vote counting process was not affected by the Zika outbreak, the commission said.

The election commission also said it had received a request from a Gambian NGO, called the Election Protection and Security Alliance, to conduct an independent audit of the counting of the votes, including the counting process, but this was denied.

The elections were to be held on April 19.

The electoral commission has also rejected the NGO’s request to conduct the audit.

The country’s parliament voted in favor of postponing the vote to April 25.

The vote is scheduled for April 26.

The commission said it would work to reschedule the elections if necessary.

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