The GOP is ‘playing the race card’ on healthcare coverage


A new report finds the Republican Party is trying to play the race game on the Affordable Care Act, suggesting it is using race as a wedge issue to gain political advantage.

The report, commissioned by the National Republican Senatorial Committee, argues the GOP has been pushing to repeal the law because it is unfair to minorities and other groups, and has used race as an attack tool to divide and stigmatize voters.

The GOP has spent billions of dollars in a failed attempt to repeal Obamacare, and the new report from The American Conservatives suggests the party is trying “to exploit the racial divide and scapegoat black and brown voters to get their votes.”

The GOP’s latest attempt to appeal to voters in the African American community has been to try to make the ACA “racist” and to paint the law as a national health insurance plan.

The party has even pushed the false narrative that the ACA was created by “the black president.”

The report concludes that Republican candidates and staff have been using race to divide voters, and have done so in order to paint Democratic candidates and activists as racist.

“They are playing the racecard,” said Josh Holmes, an RNC spokesman, when asked about the report.

“The Republican Party believes that this issue is one that needs to be resolved in the country, that it is an issue of equity, and that the American people deserve a fair chance to see that.”

The study comes at a time when Republican Senate candidates are pushing to pass the GOP’s version of the ACA in a vote in early March, which is expected to pass.

However, a new report out Thursday shows that the GOP plans to hold the vote behind closed doors and with minimal transparency, potentially making the vote even more difficult for voters to participate in.

The National Republican Congressional Committee released the report in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the constitutionality of the law in its entirety.

The RNC’s report says that it has not seen a single candidate who supports the ACA repeal bill in any of the primaries.

And, the report states, the majority of GOP Senate candidates have not publicly endorsed the bill in the past.

Republicans have been trying to repeal it because it’s unfair to minority and other racial groups, said Holmes, the RNC spokesman.

The Republican Party has spent millions of dollars on ads to try and get black voters to the polls.

But that effort is being met with skepticism by black voters, who have been the backbone of the Democratic Party since the 1960s.

The new report shows that Republican congressional candidates have used race to split the vote between Democrats and Republicans.

The analysis found that a majority of Republican congressional challengers and their staff have used racial slurs and stereotypes to target black voters.

For example, one Republican candidate in Louisiana who lost the race to Democratic Rep. Joe Courtney in November has been using racial epithets and a racial epithet to describe a Democratic candidate in a post on social media.

In Georgia, a candidate in the state’s Republican primary has called a Democrat “that big, hairy piece of shit.”

The RNC also found that many of the Republican House candidates in the Georgia special election were using racist and demeaning language in their campaign ads, including one who called a Republican candidate a “nigger” in one ad.

“We’ve been seeing a lot of Republican candidates in districts that are predominantly black, and using racial slurs in campaign ads,” Holmes said.

“In Georgia, one candidate has even called a Democratic Congressman a nigger.

The fact that so many Republican candidates have been caught using race and racial slurs to divide their base, is quite disturbing.”

Democrats have said they’re not worried about the racial language used by Republicans.

“There’s been no evidence to support the Republicans’ claim that this is a concerted effort to try (to repeal the ACA) because there is no evidence that this has happened,” said Rep. Katherine Clark, D-Mass., who sits on the House Democratic Policy Committee.

“This is the latest example of Republican political strategy to use race and divide to try, again, to get votes.

It is just an unfortunate, but unsurprising development.”

The National Democratic Congressional Committee is pushing for an investigation into the Republican use of race and demeanors in the race for Congress.

“It’s clear that Republican House and Senate candidates and candidates for the White House are using race in a cynical, partisan way to try again and again to divide our communities,” said DNC executive director Karen Finney.

“That’s why this election is so important for the future of the country.”

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