Kerala is ‘very worried’ about the rising death toll of coronavirus


Kerala is “very worried” about the soaring death toll from coronaviruses and is looking to the US for help, a state health minister said Friday.

A day after the World Health Organization announced a major increase in the coronaviral toll in India, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said he was looking for US help in curbing the spread of the virus.

“If there is any help we can provide to the states, we are very concerned about this,” Vijayan told reporters.

The chief minister said Kerala is also considering setting up a coronavivirus control centre in collaboration with the US.

“We will do whatever is necessary to put our efforts into this centre.

The US government is ready to help us,” he said.

Vijayan has said the coronabiscuit count in Kerala has been soaring in recent weeks, but did not elaborate on the exact cause of the spike.

The state has seen an increase in coronavid cases in the past week.

The state health department said it had recorded 1,086 deaths from the coronovirus in February and 7,812 in March.

It said it has recorded more than 11,000 cases of the disease in March, which the government has blamed on a sudden surge in cases in and around the capital city.

“It is quite alarming,” the chief minister added.

“This is not a pandemic, this is a crisis.

This is the new wave of pandemic.”

Vijayas office said that as of Friday, there were 8,872 coronavirence cases in Kerala, including 1,919 deaths, according to a daily report by the state health ministry.

The report said the state’s death toll was about three times higher than the official toll.

Kerala recorded more deaths from coronoviral diseases in 2016 than any other state.

It was the second-highest death toll after Andhra Pradesh and topped the list for deaths from pneumonic plague, according the World Heath Organization.

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