Australian authorities are considering an option to ban the sale of illegal firearms


A Queensland police officer is facing fresh criticism after he used the “slam dunk” to justify the seizure of an illegal firearm in his home.

Key points:Chandrika, 25, has been charged with illegally possessing a firearm and is set to appear in court on FridayMr Lachie said he was surprised the firearm was not seized because the person who bought it was a family friendPolice said they were “surprised” the firearm wasn’t seized because “the person who purchased it was”Chandrikas lawyer, Steve Williams, told the ABC he had spoken to a number of people who believed the firearms had been stolen from the house but the police had not provided any evidence to support their belief.

Mr Williams said he had talked to a woman who claimed she was given a firearm from a relative who owned it.

“She said she went out there and bought it for $150, and she said it was stolen,” he said.

“I’m sure there were people who were buying the same type of weapon in the same quantities that were in this case, and I think that’s the point where I was surprised it wasn’t confiscated because she had that gun.”

Chandrias lawyer Mr Williams said that the fact the firearm had not been seized because of the gun’s previous owner was “disconcerting”.

“There was no other explanation for it to not be seized because it was so readily available to someone else,” he told the program.

Chandrakas lawyer said he believed police should have seized the gun because of his client’s previous criminal record, but he said it would have been difficult to do so.

“The police, as a matter of fact, did not seize it from the family member,” Mr Williams told the programme.

“There’s no other reason why it wouldn’t have been seized.”


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