Which country will become next to be conquered by ISIS?


The United States is the last bastion of Western civilization.

Yet the country has been in the grip of ISIS for more than two years now.

Its citizens are being forced to live in terror and fear, and its leadership is the latest in a long line of despots and dictators.

For a country that prides itself on its democracy and free market economy, the world’s only superpower has been increasingly marginalized in recent years.

What will it take to finally free itself from this nightmare?

Will ISIS conquer the United States?

Here are seven possible scenarios.1.

A U.S. military victory The U.K. has been the U.N. Special Envoy for Syria and Iraq for the last four years, but now it’s in the crosshairs of the new, more aggressive Russia.

A defeat by the Russians would make this a much more difficult fight for the U: The U, and only the U, can save Syria and the world from the growing Islamic State.

And a defeat by Russia would force a U.A.E.-style military defeat for the Russian Empire, which has dominated the Middle East for nearly a century.

But if a U:S.

defeat were to happen, the U would have to pay a heavy price for its failure to prevent the rise of ISIS.

The U:U: alliance could fall apart.

The Trump administration has vowed to defeat ISIS if Russia continues to fight them on its side, but it may soon have to ask for permission to fight ISIS in Syria.

A successful Russian victory would mean that the U.:U: military alliance would be completely dissolved.

This could leave the U;U: with no one left to defend it, no one to fight, and no one who can even think about defending it, let alone fight back.

This is the kind of crisis that could lead to a major war, and it’s possible that it will happen.2.

A Russian invasion Russia has repeatedly threatened to invade the U.;U.;A.: alliance.

But with its borders firmly in its own sphere of influence, Russia is unlikely to invade.

Russia could, however, invade Syria and perhaps other neighboring countries, including Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan.

In Syria, Russia could invade if it wants to expand its influence and the influence of its regional ally Iran.

If it does, the outcome could be catastrophic.

The consequences of a Russian invasion could be disastrous: It could drive thousands of Russian soldiers to the border, leading to a military confrontation between Russia and Iran.

This conflict could be the biggest clash between Russia, Iran, and the U., and it would make life even more difficult for the Syrian government.

In the case of Iraq, Russia would invade and take over the country, a conflict that could destabilize the region.

If this happens, Iraq will become the third-biggest threat to the U.—the third-largest country on the planet.

If the U.-Russia alliance were to fall apart, the alliance could be replaced by a coalition of the most dangerous and unstable powers in the Middle Eastern world.

The threat from the U.*A.

Es. would only increase.

This would leave the global power balance against Russia, and any regional power with a military force would gain a clear advantage.

The more unstable, less-democratic, and less-capable regional powers would gain an advantage.

In such a situation, Russia might well have no choice but to take advantage of a U.;A.R.E. invasion and its attendant chaos and collapse to gain control over the world.3.

A new global caliphate The rise of the Islamic State, which calls itself the “caliphate,” is the culmination of the Syrian civil war.

The Islamic State’s ideology is the same as that of ISIS: An Islamic caliphate that is the state of Islam.

The group has declared an Islamic caliphate in Syria and a caliphate in Iraq, as well as a caliphate encompassing the whole of Syria and all of Iraq.

The idea is that all Muslims must worship the same God and live in a caliphate governed by Sharia law.

The caliphate is also the logical endpoint for the war against ISIS and other radical groups in the region, including al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham.

The only difference is that the Islamic caliphate is a religious entity that must be controlled by Muslims.

The fact that the group is a caliphate is irrelevant to the group’s actions.

This caliphate, the group has proclaimed, will spread to other countries and then eventually be accepted by the entire world.

It will be the largest and most important Islamic state in the world and it will be based on a political ideology and ideology of hate that is incompatible with the U.’s U.B. and the West’s U.C. The ideology of hatred is also incompatible with what the U believes in: democracy.

The reason that the United and the global community can’t get

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