BJP wins in UP poll: BJP leads by a whisker


NEW DELHI: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has won a landslide victory in Uttar Pradesh state elections, ending what had been a six-year rule of the ruling party.

The Bharatiyan Janata party won over 1.5 million votes in Uttarakh and Punjab.

It had won just 489,000 in 2013.

BJP’s win comes despite the party’s unpopularity with voters in the state, with just 5% of voters in Punjab holding an opinion.

This was not the first time a BJP-led government had won in Uttaranchal.

In 2011, the ruling Bharatiyas coalition was forced to form a government after the death of BJP president Amit Shah.

The party lost power in a general election that year, and in 2017, the party won back power with the help of the Samajwadi Party (SP).

However, it was not a repeat of that scenario this time around.

The BJP’s victory was seen as a sign of the party regaining momentum after a six year hiatus.

The state is seen as India’s third largest, after Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

However, UP’s rural and poor population make it a more attractive state for the BJP.

In Punjab, the BJP won just 8.7% of the vote, while the SP and SP’s allies won 17.7%.

The BJP’s support stood at 16.6% in Punjab.

This was the lowest vote share the BJP has achieved since 2014.

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