A woman, who was bitten by a crocodile, is back at home with her children after spending a night at hospital


NEWCASTLE-AUSTRALIA – A woman who was found with bite marks and bite marks on her face has been reunited with her family at home after spending two nights at the Royal Queensland University Hospital.

Key points:Ms Lopala was bitten in the back and back of the head on Wednesday and was taken to Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in BrisbaneMs Lampala has been released from hospital, her family sayThe woman was taken for assessment to Royal Queensland Hospital (RQH) in Brisbane on ThursdayShe was bitten on the back of her head and her family were initially concerned she had a wound to her back but when they examined her, they found she had bite marks all over her body.

Ms Lopeala was taken by ambulance to RQH with a cut to her nose and a swollen gash over her right eye.

She was treated for the bite marks but was transferred to Royal Melbourne General Hospital for further treatment.

She had been released back to her family in New South Wales.

“I am so happy I got home.

I have been so scared all day,” Ms Lopella’s daughter, Shai said.”

She’s so happy, she’s not going to cry any more.”

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