Which player is getting the most attention online?

We’re trying to figure out how much attention a player is receiving online.As we noted on Tuesday, a new study by the media and entertainment consulting firm The Media Insight Group has found that the most prominent players on the field are receiving the most clicks on social media and that NFL players have been


How did you get into the cruise industry?

Del.Mark G. Shurtleff Jr. (R-Loudoun) answered the door and told me that he was the person who started the business in 2012.He told me his wife is a licensed medical marijuana caregiver, and he’s been selling the medicine since he was a teenager.He says he made $100,000 last year selling the stuff for his patients.“We’ve


MTV News’s Latest: “Black Lives Matter” Promotional Video Featuring Eminem Featuring Black Panther!

The new season of MTV’s “Black Lives Matter” is officially here!Featuring the music video for Eminem’s “I Don’t Wanna Be a Human Being,” the first installment of “Black History Month” comes out in full force.Watch it below!“Black lives matter” has been a popular topic on social media this year, with hashtags #blacklivesmatter, #blackhistorymonth and #blacklifematters.While


Which are the most important stories in the world online?

What are the top stories online in 2018?1.What are your favourite news sources online?2.What is your favourite sport online?3.What do you like to do online?4.Which are your favorite places to go online?5.What can you say about your favourite celebrities online?6.Which of the internet’s top stories are you most proud of?7.Which is the most interesting story


NYT: The Trump administration has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Amazon, accusing the online retailer of misleading the public about the safety of its products

Posted September 09, 2018 11:10:50In a letter sent to Amazon today, the U.S. Department of Commerce said the company has failed to respond to an investigation into its “misleading” statements regarding the safety and effectiveness of its popular Kindle e-reader.The letter, sent by Acting Assistant Secretary for Commerce for Industry, Technology, and Consumer Protection William


What is bitcoin?

bitcoin: what is it?bitcoin is an online currency, or virtual currency, that is accepted worldwide by online and offline payment networks and payment processors.bitcoin is created through computer processing, which is an increasingly common practice in the world of finance, with credit cards and debit cards increasingly being used as payment methods.bitcoins are produced by

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