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Birat Nag (Biratnagan) is a village located in the district of Nagaland, which is in the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

This village was a centre of the Sikh movement in the mid 20th century.

Birat Nag has a small but strong Sikh community and a large number of Sikhs reside here.

The Sikh temple in BiratNag is one of the oldest and largest in Jammu.

Bira Nag, which has a Sikh population of around 10,000, is the oldest Sikh temple at Birat nagar.

Birad Nag is a Sikh community center in Biratan Nag.

The Sikhs have been residing here for centuries and they are well-known in the area.

Biras are small but well-organized and well-respected in the village.

The name of the village is Biratniag.

There are around 10 khanas in the Biras area, and Biras is one.

There is a strong Sikh tradition here.

There was a large gathering of people in the evening on March 15, 2019 for the funeral of the martyrs, Bhagwant Singh and Rana Singh, who were killed in the recent terrorist attack on a Sikh temple.

Birarat Naga, which was a stronghold of the Sikhs in the early 20th Century, has also seen a resurgence in recent years.

In recent years, the Sikh community in Birata Nag has become more well-established and they have started constructing kharbwal (gurdwara), temples and other temples.

The community has also started offering free karat (dinner and entertainment) to the local Sikh population.

Birata Naga is one Sikh community centre in Biratonnagar.

There were many Sikhs who migrated to Birata nagar from different parts of India during the 19th century, and there is a great interest in the community.

There have been many riots in Birati nagar in recent times, and the police have responded to the incident.

Biriatnagar is a traditional place and it has always been a place of pilgrimage for Sikhs.

Many Sikhs came to Biratnamag during the Sikh festival of Navratri.

Today, Birat is a centre for Sikhts’ spiritual activities, which are a form of worship.

The traditional Sikh attire is a turban and a turmeric scarf.

It is believed that the turban, turmeric and the scarf are symbols of the Guru Granth Sahib.

In addition, the Sikhtis wear a dhoti.

There has been a resurgence of the religious and cultural activities in Biratinag since the early years of the 20th centuries.

The history of Birat has been largely recorded in the book ‘Sikh: An Indian History of the World’ written by Dr. R.M. Singh.

The book contains important Sikh history, as well as various other important Sikh-related material.

biratnagar news online

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