MTV News’s Latest: “Black Lives Matter” Promotional Video Featuring Eminem Featuring Black Panther!


The new season of MTV’s “Black Lives Matter” is officially here!

Featuring the music video for Eminem’s “I Don’t Wanna Be a Human Being,” the first installment of “Black History Month” comes out in full force.

Watch it below!

“Black lives matter” has been a popular topic on social media this year, with hashtags #blacklivesmatter, #blackhistorymonth and #blacklifematters.

While the campaign was created to highlight issues of police brutality, it also has an anti-police message.

Eminem has been outspoken on social issues for years and his music is now receiving a lot of attention from celebrities, who are speaking out about the issues.

Read on to see some of the highlights of the latest promotional video for “Black Life Matter.”

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