How many people have been killed in Gujarat by the Gujarat government’s ‘death penalty’?


7.43 pm: A Gujarat court on Friday imposed death sentence on a man for murder and sentenced him to death for killing six persons.

The man was arrested on September 15, last year for allegedly killing six people in the village of Sholapur.

The court in the city of Gandhinagar had given him a life sentence on August 16.

The accused was sentenced to death on August 27.

The court on Thursday had directed the prosecutor to lodge an appeal against the sentence, the Gujarat High Court said in a statement.

The accused had earlier pleaded for his life before the court.

The Gujarat government has been facing heavy criticism for the high number of people being killed in its state.

In June, the Supreme Court directed the state government to conduct an inquiry into the death of a journalist in the state in which at least 35 people were killed.

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