Which Hindu religion is most persecuted online?


The world’s biggest religions have become increasingly persecuted online, according to a new study, with the exception of Islam.

Hinduism is the world’s second-most persecuted religion, and the data also showed that there are more Hindu-specific hate crimes on the rise.

The study, conducted by a coalition of civil society groups, is one of the most comprehensive and comprehensive ever.

It looked at information from more than 1,400 news outlets and identified more than 2,500 hate crimes in 2016.

Hindu-based online communities have become more and more active, as have the websites of groups such as the Hindu Coalition Against Secularisation, the Hindu Youth Forum, and a few other groups.

Some of the groups’ efforts are aimed at countering online harassment, while others are focused on combating hate speech.

Here are some highlights from the report: Hindu Online News: The rise of Hindu-focused online communities The report found that the number of hate crimes against Hindus has increased by more than 10% since 2015, and that more than one in three hate crimes targeting Hindus are aimed against individuals or groups. 

Hindus are a group of ethnic and religious minorities who make up around 10% of the world population, according the Pew Research Center.

A 2015 study found that India had the highest number of Hindu victims of hate speech online, with nearly one in five hate crimes targeted against Hindu-origin people. 

Muslim Online News In 2016, there were more than 5,000 hate crimes reported against Muslims in the U.S., compared to just over 2,000 against Christians, according a report by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at the University of California at Berkeley.

Muslims have also experienced increased harassment and intimidation, with more than two-thirds of incidents targeting Muslims in 2016, compared to less than one-third of those targeting Christians. 

Black Muslim Online News  The report also found that Black Muslims were the victims of at least 1,000 anti-Black violence incidents in 2016 compared to more than 100 hate crimes.

Black Muslims are the fastest growing religion in the world, according Pew Research, with a projected increase of more than 60% by 2035. 

A number of communities, including Muslim communities in the United States and Europe, have stepped up efforts to combat the online threats, but a lot of these efforts rely on police and courts to help bring hate crime victims to justice. 

Christian Online News   While there are no statistics on the prevalence of online hate crimes, the Pew study found an increase in online harassment and hate speech targeting Christians, with at least 30 hate crimes by Christians targeting Muslims over the last two years. 

The Pew report also highlighted a rise in anti-Christian violence in Europe, with attacks against Christians in France and Germany being more common. 

Islamic Online News The report found a rise of anti-Muslim hate speech in 2017, and found that online attacks have been particularly prominent in Muslim-majority countries.

The report said that the growth of online anti-Islamic hate speech was especially concerning, with an estimated one in seven hate crimes directed at Muslims in 2017 targeting Muslims. 

Indian Muslims Online News India is home to about 10% to 15% of India’s population, but anti-India sentiment has surged in recent years, as India has become more assertive in its foreign policy.

India’s Supreme Court recently ruled that a local newspaper could not publish an article calling for the death penalty for convicted terrorist Balbir Singh Sodhi, who was convicted in the 2002 Mumbai attacks.

In 2018, the Supreme Court also ruled that the Indian parliament must have the power to ban blasphemy.

In response to the ruling, Indian Muslim groups, including the Hindu community, have launched a campaign to challenge the ruling. 

Chinese Muslims Online New York City is a predominantly Chinese city, and has experienced increased hate crimes aimed at the Chinese community. 

Muslims in the Muslim community have faced increased harassment, intimidation, and threats since the Supreme Council of Muslims in India banned all prayers and worship in mosques in 2017.

The United States has also been an increasingly hostile environment for Muslims, with recent news that anti-Islam videos and threats were directed at the family of an American Muslim-American soldier. 

Mosaic Nation Muslim News  While there has been an increase of anti Muslim incidents in the past year, the number has been relatively low compared to that of the Jewish community, and only around a third of the Muslim-Jewish population has been targeted online in 2017 compared to roughly 70% in 2016 in the Jewish-majority city of New York. 

African American Muslims Online The report also showed an increase the number and severity of anti African American Muslim hate crimes over the past few years, with three hate crime incidents in 2017 against African Americans targeting African Americans. 

American Muslims Online The Trump administration is pushing a number of anti Muslims proposals, including a ban on the hijab, a traditional head covering for Muslim women, and targeting Muslim Americans

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