Which Indian cities have the best roads and bridges?


Here are some of the best and worst roads and bridge across India.

The list was compiled by local media outlet Indian Express and published in the past two weeks.

The top 10 is in order of worst to best.


New Delhi (Delhi): 10.3km (6.5 miles) The most dangerous road in India, this stretch of the city is the biggest in the country, and is only 10.7km (5.4 miles) long.

There is a new road system connecting it to Mumbai, which is a bit further away and easier to cross, but that’s another story.


Bengaluru (Del) 9.4km (4.9 miles) New roads here are more difficult to cross but there are still a few ways to get from one part of the capital to another.

If you want to travel around the city, this is probably a good spot to do it. 8.

Kolkata (Kolkata): 9.3 km (4 miles

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