Karnataka state chief minister has been arrested on charges of cheating by getting a loan from a private lender


Karnataka’s chief minister and three of his senior aides have been arrested for allegedly cheating by obtaining a loan by a private loan institution in the state from which they could not repay the debt.

The three have been taken into custody by the Karnataka high court on charges they defrauded the state government of over Rs 3.2 lakh from a single loan scheme run by a bank account held by the chief minister’s son-in-law.

Chief minister Siddaramaiah’s son, the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, was arrested for alleged financial misappropriation by a public servant in September.

The arrest of the three, who have been in custody since then, comes as the state is reeling from a corruption scandal that has engulfed the government.

The Karnataka chief minister, who has been in power for two terms, is facing charges of bribery, misuse of office, abuse of office and misappropriating public funds for his family’s business interests.

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