Bajan TV reports: China, Saudi Arabia have signed $7 billion arms deal online


The New York Times online, and local news outlets reported on Friday that Saudi Arabia, China, and Kuwait signed a $7.5 billion arms agreement on Friday with the United Arab Emirates, the Financial Times reported.

The deal follows a $3.2 billion deal signed earlier this year with Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

It was signed by the Saudi Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Defense, the Saudi Arabian Investment Authority, the Emirates Defense Ministry, and the Kuwaiti Investment Authority.

The arms deal is the largest in history and the first of its kind in the Middle East.

The three countries signed a deal worth $717 million to purchase 100 F-16 fighter jets, 200 armored vehicles, and 250 armored vehicles for their air forces, according to the Saudi-owned newspaper al-Watan.

It is the first arms deal to be signed between the three countries and the UAE, which also is a key ally of Saudi Arabia.

Kuwait has also been a major U.S. ally in the Gulf, helping to finance Saudi Arabia’s military and supporting the Saudi bombing campaign against Yemen in 2015.

The UAE has also helped to fund and train Saudi-backed rebel groups in Yemen, and has been accused of funding the Taliban in Afghanistan and supporting extremist groups in Pakistan.

In 2018, the UAE signed a pact with Egypt that includes the signing of an arms agreement for a new $1 billion weapons contract with the Egyptian defense company Dassault Aviation.

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