Why do you think you don’t like fox news?


It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican, Democrat, or independent you’ll probably be uncomfortable with the Fox News channel.

And that’s because there’s an awful lot of hate directed at the network.

You know, if you think Fox News is good, well, you’re right.

But if you want to see it for what it is: a propaganda network that pushes partisan and ideological views, you’ll be a very, very bad person.

So what makes this network so hateable?

One of its main attractions is that it is an all-inclusive, all-funny, all for profit channel that features the latest celebrity gossip, celebrity scandals, and news of the day.

But as we’ve been told, the channel has also been a source of misinformation and misinformation directed at members of the public.

It’s been accused of being an “information purveyor” and a “slander machine.”

But the truth is, Fox News has done a lot of good for the American people, particularly in the last year or so.

Fox News Channel has been able to spread the news that they have found most important to them: a new generation of patriots.

And they are not only patriots, they are patriots who believe in freedom.

And I think that they are doing a lot more good than just disseminating false news.

There are so many examples of this.

Fox and Friends, for instance, is a show that promotes a number of liberal ideals.

It does a lot to promote the values of the Democratic Party and even the Democratic platform.

But it has also made a big splash with a story on the day of the Las Vegas mass shooting.

The story on Fox and friends aired on September 21, the day after the mass shooting, and it brought a lot attention to the event and made the news.

It was a very big deal in Las Vegas.

But the story was not about the shooter.

It wasn’t even about guns or politics or gun control or gun violence.

It is about how Fox and others were wrong.

And the idea was that the network had to correct its mistake.

So that’s what happened.

And then on September 22, the network did a story that was so good it was picked up by The New York Times and the Washington Post.

It had all the ingredients for a big scoop, and the media took notice.

It led to a story about a white woman who had been fired from her job after saying that she didn’t believe the media.

She was fired for not believing that the media is biased against white people.

She is, she was fired from Fox News because she did not believe it was biased against blacks.

And this white woman, who had worked for Fox News for many years, was fired because she believed that the news is not biased against people of color.

She also said that the president had said that he doesn’t want to work with black people.

So she was dismissed from Fox and the White House.

That story, it made the media frenzy and it led to the White Nationalist Party becoming a huge force in America.

The White Nationalists were able to turn the tables on the media and make sure that the country knows that there is a real problem with the media, because it is biased.

And by the way, there is not one reporter in the entire country who does not know that the Fox and White House were right.

There is not a reporter in this country who doesn’t know that there are real problems in the media world.

This was the beginning of a big push to make sure the media was not biased.

It also brought in the news organizations that were always against Fox News: The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Times, ABC, and NBC.

And it brought in some major national media organizations: CNN, Fox Business, ABC News, and even CNN.

So Fox News was able to make the news cycle and the country know that it had done something right.

And you can’t help but feel that Fox News also was able because it has been so successful at making sure that it was not a partisan news channel.

It has been an all inclusive and all fun channel, where there is no one left on the team who doesn: they are all patriots and they believe in free speech and they are patriotic.

That’s how Fox News does a great job of promoting the values that they espouse.

So it’s not just that Fox has helped promote patriotism in the United States, it’s also the fact that Fox is not only patriotic, it is patriotic in a very real way.

So when you watch Fox News, you know that you are part of something that is very patriotic.

And if you are patriotic, then you are also patriotic in that you want freedom, you want democracy, you believe in liberty, you have a sense of the importance of America and the greatness of America.

And when you see

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